Alligator Stew eBook

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Alligator Stew

By: CD Mitchell

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Life is rarely simple. Most of the time it is hard, and frequently unpleasant. These are stories about honest, relatable people living lives in a small, rural, southern town. Each story focuses on parts of life we frequently hide or don’t admit exists. Instead of sweeping it under the rug, CD Mitchell, shakes out the dirty laundry for the all to view. He has created captivating characters trying to live, as best they know how, while they deal with the uglier side of life in Delbert, Arkansas.

Every year it seems another Apocalypse is predicted. In spite of Iben Browning’s prediction of an apocalyptic earthquake, the townspeople barrel towards their date with destiny while dealing with infidelity, lust, sexual and domestic abuse, drug addiction, family histories, bigotry, murder, mental illness, failure, religion, mistakes, local gossip, elections, and professional wrestling. The stories tug at your heartstrings and recognize the imperfect humanity in each of us. 


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