Apalachicola Mother of Pearl --- Book 3 of the Pearl Series

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Apalachicola Mother of Pearl

Book 3 of the Pearl Series

Award-winning Michael Kinnett


In the dark of a new moon, a shadowy figure passes a cryptic note beneath my door, ‘They’re coming for you.” But why? Engraved with the Agnusdei family crest and initials C.A., the note points to the estranged family of my mother, and so I am bound for New Orleans. A dangerous first encounter reveals a mystical insanity, and the search for a mysterious key. The key to a vast fortune or only lore it makes no difference. Hidden, lost, or never having existed over centuries, the search itself has claimed many lives.

To us the key was a plague on the House of Agnusdei. Mother and I join the search to free ourselves from the family and put an end to the treachery. It would be no easy task for it was in the shadows of New Orleans, a city of hoodoo and voodoo where my family plied its criminal trade. Now is the time to remain vigilant or fall victim to the evil eye. We must keep our friends close and free those held captive.

I am Olivia and my mother is Pearl. She is my world, and I love her deeply but I know she hides dark secrets. It is in these pages I record the events of 1886.