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Apalachicola, Florida, the cotton shipping boomtown lay under siege. It was here in the backwater, during The Civil War, where women, children, and old struggled to survive. The real threat looming over them did not come from Union blockaders in the Gulf waters or from Confederates with river fortifications to the North. The dark shadow over the town came from a gathering of ruffians calling themselves the Rebel Guard. These so called patriots, without conscience, pillaged and murdered on the backs of a devastated people. It would be two men, Michael Kohler and Stillman Smith, brothers forged in the fires of war, who rose up to stop the Rebel Guard. What chance did they have against an overwhelming force? Someone was going to die. 

Meet, LaRela Retsyo Agnusdei, a precocious seven year old known as Pearl. Learn of her remarkable life and courageous efforts to alter a world torn apart. Enjoy reading as Pearl moves the players around the board.  

The event was called “The Marr, Smith Affair,” a documented event that shook the governments of both the Confederacy and the Union. It remains a mystery today. What happened? Perhaps the recently discovered journal of Michael Brandon Kohler offers an answer.




“The Stars and Bars” First National Flag of the Confederacy


Apalachicola Pearl is now available at these fine retailers:

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  • 5
    Just Wonderful !!!

    Posted by Stacey Woods on 18th Dec 2016

    I had heard about the story before it was published, and was so excited to read it. And I wasn't disappointed !! It was a great read. Once I started to read it I couldn't put it down. I was done with it in 3 days.
    I am ready for the 2nd book !! Thanks, Stacey

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    Every North Floridian should read this book

    Posted by Scott Cherry on 21st Sep 2016

    Not having much (none really) experience with historical fictions, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was very well written and the story intertwined with the history of a tumultuous time in our nation, was fantastic. Every long time resident, new-comer and native North Floridian should read this book.

  • 5

    Posted by George Russell on 21st Sep 2016

    This is the only book that I have read two consecutive times! It's been a month since I read it and I keep thinking about the story.
    If the history of the Apalachacola area interests you at all, specifically during the Civil War, this is a must read. The author makes the times personal with the story about Michael, Caroline and of course Pearl. Great story!