Backlash of Mono Fulfillment

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Backlash of Mono Fulfillment

Award Winning Author Brian Smith

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In Backlash of Mono Fulfillment, Captain Brian Smith delivers a medley of engaging stories, amusing anecdotes and memorable moments  we can all relate to.   Cleverly woven into the chapters are practical fishing tips, great recipes and the insightful wisdom of a seasoned professional charter captain.   This book is the sum of nearly two decades of fishing in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.   They  put the reader in the middle of the action on the deck of Brian’s boat, as it is related through the excitement and experiences of the people who have fished with him.   Each story reveals a different layer of Capt. B’s engaging wit and passion for fishing.  These adventures will bring a smile to your face, lift your spirits and touch your heart. 


Capt. Cefus McRae


Nuts & Bolts of Fishing Series




Step aboard! Grab a seat and settle in for an entertaining ride with Captain Brian Smith at the helm, as he guides you through a collection of short stories gleaned from over 20 years of fishing and guiding on the Gulf of Mexico.


“Backlash of Mono Fulfillment” is a series of humorous and enlightening fishing exploits featuring anglers young and old from all walks of life.  Capt. Brian skillfully intertwines informative tips, tricks and techniques with funny and uplifting experiences that have played out on the deck of his charter boat over the years.


From catching bait to exhilarating “Kodak Pole” moments, you will find yourself smiling as Capt. Brian recounts memorable moments made on the water—many of which he has shared with readers of Woods ‘n Water magazine over the years.


Just like each time you bait a hook and wet a line—you never know what might happen next as you turn each page of this engaging and inspiring collection of fish tails (and tales) penned by a knowledgeable captain with a passion for fishing, matched only by his love of life and storytelling.




Aaron Portwood, Managing Editor


Woods ‘n Water Magazine