Cochabamba Conspiracy

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Cochabamba Conspiracy

Callahan Family Saga Book 1

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Award winning author Brinn Colenda captures the essence of international terrorism as Kurt Wallerein, feared, hated and hunted by every intelligence service and law enforcement agency in the West forms a partnership with an embattled Fidel Castro. Their goal is to destabilize the democratic governments in South America—and the United States. Lieutenant Colonel Tom Callahan, USAF and his compadres in the U.S. Military Group-Bolivia risk their lives and reputations battling enemies—foreign and domestic—in this exciting novel.


“Colenda’s thriller is a sensation. He owes me for the month’s worth of adrenalin that I used up reading his book — all without getting off the couch. And the scary part? The plot is all too plausible.”

 Scott Archer Jones, Award-winning author of Jupiter and Gilgamesh, The Big Wheel, and A Rising Tide of People Swept Away