Dancing With Dandelions

Zelle Andrews

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With a beach-front fixer-upper Tess Cooper recently purchased in Panacea on the Gulf Coast of Florida, she cuts the apron strings from Butterball and Gabs. The life she desires for herself and Paisley, her twelve-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, is within her grasp. She can taste the independence. Life should be smooth sailing, but when is Tess’s life ever easy?

In addition to picking paint colors for her home and Paisley competing in the Special Olympics, her relationship with Aaron McMasters is changing. Tess thought their platonic relationship was perfect, as long as she side-stepped his hints at wanting more. Why mess up a good thing? Then his ex-wife came to town. Aaron’s easy-going nature becomes edgy, short tempered, and his always dependable, yet annoying flirting, has stopped.

Tess focuses on making a new home for Paisley and herself and helps plan Butterball’s upcoming nuptials at Wakulla Springs. Weddings are beautiful, so why are the tears on Tess’s cheek not tears of joy? Should she tell Aaron how she feels or will he cast her aside and send her drifting in the wind like dandelion seeds?

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