Dismal Key Release Dec. 6, 2013 Mitch Doxsee FAPA Award Winner

12th Nov 2013





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SYP Publishing Announces Release of “Dismal Key”


SYP Publishing, an independent book publisher featuring southern books and authors, announces the release of the new book “Dismal Key” by Mitch Doxsee.


TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA – (November 09, 2013) – SYP Publishing announces the release of Mitch Doxsee’s award-winning novel, “Dismal Key.” The book is scheduled for release on December 6, 2013. The debut book for the author has already created a buzz after having been awarded the prestigious gold medal in the 2013 Florida Authors and Publisher Association e-Book category. Both the trade paperback and amended e-book will be released.


“We are thrilled to bring this southern author to the forefront,” explains Terri Gerrell, owner of SYP Publishing. “It’s a great book, a great author, and the people are going to enjoy the thrilling and unique story.”


“Dismal Key” is a story that focuses on human trafficking, something that impacts around 2.5 million people worldwide, according to the United Nations. The story unfolds with a teen boy on vacation in Florida, whose girlfriend is abducted and forced into this dark world. The teen victim and other girls like her, find their fate in the hands of those who plan to ship them all off to Cuba for auction. Readers will be taken on a suspenseful thriller on the quest to save them from the human traffickers.


First time author Mitch Doxsee drew on his own experience in witnessing human trafficking in order to bring the story to life. During his college years he did mission work in Amsterdam, Holland, and saw the horrors of the human trafficking first hand. Born in Marco Island, Fla., Doxsee now lives in Chattanooga, Tenn., with his wife and son. He continues to make frequent recreational trips to Florida.


“One of the greatest things a writer can do is to share a story that helps us understand a little more about the world we live in, while still entertaining us,” says Doxsee. “I believe I’ve done just that here and I look forward to seeing what readers take away from the book.”


Beginning December 6, 2013, “Dismal Key” will be available in multiple formats online and in select southern book stores. To learn more, or to purchase the book, log onto: www.syppublishing.com/dismal-key/


About SYP Publishing:

Based in Tallahassee, FL., SYP Publishing stands for Southern Yellow Pine Publishing. An independent book publisher, the company focuses on promoting southern authors of fiction and nonfiction. Their book collection features southern tales, history, adventure, mystery, and more! Their books are available online, as well as in select book stores in the south. For more information on SYP Publishing, visit their site here: www.syppublishing.com

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