Family Tree Novel Series (Set of Two)

DOWN UNDER: Kussins      AND      OUTBACK: Bothers and Sinisters

Mark Wayne Adams


Sibling rivalries erupt when the Qweepie family relocates from the Florida suburbs to a dilapidated Western Kentucky farm. Killiope, known as Driew Qweepie’s big sinister, is plotting against her little bother. Her unaffectionate schemes alert Driew to the dangers of being lost, stolen, or escaping the farm out back. During Driew’s fight for sinister respect, he and Gulia, the Australian girl-next-door, uproot a magic man’s Outback secret. 



Driew Qweepie’s family tree is in danger from those closest to him. Driew’s magical family mythology series explores why his family is looking out for him, his best interest, and for one another.





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