Gargaphia: Where History Means Murder

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Where History Means Murder

Robert T. Jones

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Thomas Appling was two-weeks away from his PhD when his primary supervisor was assassinated directly in front of him. Falsely imprisoned and thousands of miles from home, Appling discovers that his research holds the keys to unlock a deadly secret of unknown consequences. One major problem. Someone, Deliverer, wants to keep this secret hidden.

On the other side of the world, a congressman’s daughter has gone missing, sparking a decade-long search funded by one of the most powerful men in the country. Monsters and sirens lurk in the shadows as the fear of a sadistic adversary rules over all. Murder, betrayal, and thrills abound. A reluctant quest for the truth is forced upon Appling as the ancient world becomes a puzzle box of nightmares. Will Tom be able to reclaim a quiet life with his wife, Bren? Or will despair consume everyone in his world?

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    Digging up history can get you killed

    Posted by Pat Stanford on 23rd Nov 2017

    omething is underground at the ancient battleground at Plataea. Something which must not see the light of day.

    This book had me at the prospect of using ground penetrating radar to see what was hidden at the site. Being a pushover for anything that hints of archeological digs, I had hoped I was going on adventure, digging things up in ancient Greece. But that was not to be. My misunderstanding. My bad.

    However, my misunderstanding of what the the plot would show does not detract from a great mystery, very well written. Lots of action, a protagonist named Tom Appling, being doggedly chased by an unknown assailant, and a mysterious woman protecting him...from what or who? And why?

    He figures out that his research is not the reason for the attempts on his life. It is the prospect of his use of the radar at the battlefield that has his pursuer in a murderous frame of mind.

    My only wish was that there had been more development of the relationship of "Deliverer" to "Customer" and "Supplier" and their long standing "protocol" and how it was put into play. I also wish there had been deeper character development of "Deliverer" but he remains mysteriously vague.

    I bought this book in Nashville at the Southern Festival of Books where I had the chance to meet the author at his launch. I look forward to his next offering,hopefully one similar in nature.

    If you like action with chases, bullets flying, and lots of surprises, you'll love this book.