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Two stories of greed and violence separated by four and half centuries are connected by a curse that twists through time. Goldhead is the story of sixteenth-century conquistador Bernardo Gregorio, his crew, and five, 1950s World War II veterans turned treasure hunters.

Ex-Navy divers, Ben Wheeler, Dan Hampshire, and Bill Walden risk everything to recover Aztec gold worth a quarter million dollars that is lying somewhere in the back country of North Florida. Following the clues left in an obscure medieval journal, they learn the extraordinary fate of the crew of the Mano del Rey who were shipwrecked and massacred. Claudio, the sole survivor, chronicled the dark history that leads the modern team to tainted gold and something they didn’t count on. Dogged by tragedy, lured by fortune, lives are connected across the ages by a shaman's curse and a terrifying artifact.


Who will triumph and survive over the dark reach of the past?


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Well done!

This is everything you could ask for in a book. Plundered treasure, a shipwreck in a storm. The survival of a few tainted by the greed of the commander with the treasure makes things turn ugly quick. Two intertwining timelines with dark spirits from the time of the wreck seemingly guarding the treasure. My only wish was that the more contemporary timeline could have been, I dunno, spookier. Still it was all very well done. Bravo, Mr. Havilland!

Spine tingling action

The opening scene of the book hooks you instantly as you're immersed in the volatile, mercurial days of early Florida's infiltration by the Spanish. Prepare for mysteries, treasure hunts, brutal tribal rituals, and ghosts...