Homeland Burning

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Homeland Burning

Callahan Family Saga Book 2

Brinn Colenda's Award-Winning Series

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 Summer 2000: Wildfires destroy mountain watersheds and municipal water systems, breached dams release tidal waves of water to obliterate farms and towns, and stone-cold shooters target helpless civilians as international environmental terrorism comes to the United States. 

Kurt Wallerein, the world’s foremost terrorist-for-hire, feared, hated and hunted by every intelligence service in the West, unleashes a terrifying campaign of attacks on the American Homeland… and his greatest enemy, Air Force Colonel Tom Callahan.

Callahan must rally support to stop the attacks but his political enemies in Washington conspire to distract the President and ridicule evidence, forcing Callahan to go rogue. What will it take to stop Wallerein?