Land Without Mirrors

Award-winning Marina Brown


On an idyllic Caribbean island just before the outbreak of WWII…

three children on the brink of adolescence are growing up in a community solely inhabited by lepers and their caretakers. Whether a powerful priest, an enigmatic nun, or a troubled doctor will win a dangerous power struggle has grave implications for the three youths and their yearning for a different life. In a tale that spans nearly fifteen years and moves from the mystical intrigues of Chacachacare to Cartagena, and finally, to Port of Spain, surprising twists of fate weave, unravel, and at last, bind the three young people together.

Land Without Mirrors is at heart a love story—mothers for their children; men for power and fame; and a sweet first love that grows to maturity.


“Richly imagined and meticulously researched, Land without Mirrors is a compelling debut novel. In a lush and deceptive landscape, complex and well-drawn characters twist and turn in a plot part gothic, part magical realism, and part classic page-turner—and in the end, wholly original. You’re going to remember this one.”

Claire Hamner Matturro, author of Skinny-Dipping, Wildcat Wine, Bone Valley and Sweetheart Deal

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