Lost in the Darkness

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Curt had a life he loved and shared with his wife and their son Josh. The day Josh was abducted from a baseball field in a public park, Curt’s life was forever changed. If your child went missing, would you stop looking? Detective Curtis Walker left everything behind to continue the search for his only son, facing a darkness like no other.


During his quest, he was recruited by Alexis Vanderhill to join a secret team—a vigilante group of Crusaders—that finds and rescues missing children. Using unofficial methods, the team operates behind a veil of anonymity, tight roping the lines of the legal system to bring back the lost.


While searching for the missing, the team crosses paths with dangerous human traffickers. The encounter turns deadly, leaving the group exposed and attracting the attention of police and a journalist with a vendetta. With chaos ensuing, a lead comes in on Josh’s disappearance. Curtis will stop at nothing to find his son and the reason he was targeted. Completely lost in the darkness, he must unravel a conspiracy that runs deep and hits too close to home.


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