Naval Stores (Turpentine Industry)

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The Illustrated History of the Naval Stores
(Turpentine Industry)

The Illustrated History of the Naval Stores (Turpentine Industry) is a culmination of many years of enjoyable research by the author. Pete Gerrell portrayed the history of the turpentine industry through the use of old photos, letters, advertisements, home remedies, recipes and jokes. This 148 page illustrated history traces the industry from Biblical times through the years to its virtual finish in the 1970's. The book was one of the first written on the turpentine industry.


PETE GERRELL was a sixth generation native of Wakulla County, Florida.  Generations of his family lived and survived in the pine flatwoods associated with the naval stores industry. Throughout his life he collected information and artifacts having to do with the industry and the culture it promoted.


Copyright TXU 814-159 1997 by Pete Gerrell
ISBN 0-9665193-0-2
Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 98-90418