Reeling in Time With Fish Tales

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Reeling in Time With Fish Tales


Capt. Brian E. Smith

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Read along with Captain Brian Smith and learn the secrets of his success.  This chronology of fish tales will touch your heart and inspire your love of sun and fun. Each story tells of a boy and his journey as he fishes his way through life; a young man we can all relate to. Read about his experiences as a teenager when he was coerced into taking Mom and her friends fishing for catfish. Then there was his introduction to no-see-ums and the time he fell in love with his first boat.

Captain Brian masterfully weaves his knowledge of the sport into each tale, allowing the reader to learn along with fun. The tales are about different types of fish. Knowledge of equipment, bait, and helpful techniques are woven into each story. An enjoyable read for anglers and anyone with a love of life.



Reeling in Time With Fish Tales is more than a series of anecdotal fishing stories, it’s a reminder, and proof, that life is a journey with lots of serendipitous moments.”

Captain Cefus McRae