St. Nic Inc.

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St. Nic Inc

SR Staley

Will the DEA ruin Christmas forever?



Nicole and her allies are in a race against time to keep their billion dollar global enterprise—and the hopes of millions—alive in this adventure. Her company ensures toys arrive at the homes of millions of children and families from their secret enclave above the Arctic Circle. It also serves as a haven for Little People, hoping to escape the everyday discrimination of mainstream society.


The North Pole is thrown into jeopardy when an arctic accident thrusts two explorers into their midst. The town's residents are convinced Peter and his partner are spies. Ambitious DEA agents hope they can follow the money trail to close down what they suspect is one of the world’s most sophisticated drug cartels.


“SR Staley’s whipped up a fast-paced tale that will keep you on the edge of your recliner from its opening paragraphs to the climax at its end. If it was a movie, it would be a thriller with a happy ending and egg(nog) on all the right faces”

—Lawrence W. Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education

When the talented Sam Staley tosses DEA agents, moles, computer whizzes, and a multi-national CEO into one action-filled plot, you get “St. Nic, Inc.”  a story that sparkles like the North Pole on a sunny day.  “St. Nic, Inc.” offers a fresh vision of what modern tools like the Internet and high-speed delivery services could accomplish in the hands of the right Little People. This heart-warming reimagining gives us reason to believe—and fall in love all over again with our most cherished time of year.

 —Donna Meredith, author of “The Glass Madonna,” “The Color of Lies,” and “Wet Work”

 “St. Nic, Inc. is a thrilling and imaginative tale of the delusions, intrigues, folly and dangers of government bureaucracies running amuck to stop the secret goings-on at the North Pole. Can Christmas cheer survive the CIA, IRS, DEA, FBI, et al.? Find out in this intriguing and joyous, must-read book by Sam Staley.”

—David J. Theroux, President, The Independent Institute; President, C.S. Lewis Society of California

"St. Nic, Inc. is a magical, innovative, and fresh continuation of the beloved Santa Claus myth. Staley has honored the past while ushering one of the world’s most cherished and inspirational stories into the 21st century. St. Nic, Inc. artfully combines the action of a Tom Clancy novel with the insightful social commentary and multiple levels of experience of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. St. Nic, Inc. is great novel that would make a great movie." 
-- Mark McNees (D.Min.), author of Immersion: Life the Life God Envisioned for You and The Six Symbols of the Gospel

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  • 4
    Good read anytime of the year

    Posted by Pat Stanford on 20th Nov 2017

    Very imaginative telling of a more modern Santa Claus story.

    Four stars because I really don't think anyone can physically fake a coma, so that whole section was lost on me.

    I liked the story's set up and duel character timelines converting at the climax. The actual mole was a fun surprise.

    Good afternoon read any time of year!

  • 4
    Strong story with surprising twists

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Sep 2014

    Strong story with surprising twists. Highly recommended!