The Day the Mirror Cried

Author Saundra Kelley

Member of the Celebrated Jonesborough Guild


Saundra Kelley’s voice springs from a rich, ancient well—that of the rare, oral tradition storyteller. A performing member of the celebrated Jonesborough Storytellers Guild, she travels widely, sharing tales of mystery, wonderment, and joy, as well as old stories of faraway places and lost peoples.

From a long-lost ship captain's ill-fated loved to an ice palace at the top of the world and a women finding her path, Kelley’s characters sing their songs as from an all-seeing mirror burnished with wisdom. This charming collection of short stories and poetry is adapted from Kelley’s cache of original oral stories. They embrace Southern Gothic tales, legends of Earth Mother, and tales from rural North Florida, which are intertwined with her own family stories.

Meet Saundra Kelley through her thought-provoking stories. Be prepared to be amused, enthralled, and inspired by what you’ll find



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Interesting blend of short pieces and poems

This is an interesting blend of shorts and poems. It is divided into three sections, where the shorts in section 1 are fiction, section 2 is the retelling of stories local to the author, and section 3 are recollections of people and places the author has come to know over the years. I had hoped the shorts were all of her imagination, but that was my only disappointment. A little something for everyone here.