The Greens And Cornbread Of Wakulla County

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THE GREENS AND CORNBREAD OF WAKULLA COUNTY: Historical Stories Told by the People


This delightful book is a compilation of stories depicting the history of Wakulla County. The stories were written and submitted by different authors and families. The text includes a wide variety of topics and time periods. Many of the stories contain photos that were included by the author. The subject matter is divided into several categories that include;

The Heritage Village Project

Early Times

Family Military Memories

Modern Times

Our People and Lifestyle

Water Stories Around the County

Wakulla County Landmarks

The first chapter on The Heritage Village describes the Historical Society’s vision of this project for the people of the county and shows photos of the homes that are trying to be preserved. Some history of each home is given to illustrate why is should be saved.

The reader can find tales that describe Wakulla County as families learned to live in the wilds of northwest Florida as well as learn information about some family genealogies. Some stories chronicle the individual life of a unique person in the history of the county.

Wakulla County’s development has always been influenced by the ocean and the many rivers, streams, and other bodies of water found there in abundance. The water stories chapter has stories showing how the people used these bodies of water to support their families in addition to anecdotes about unique events that occurred. Of course, this section would not be complete without a few fishing tales. The reader can also find information about some of the unique sites and landmarks in Wakulla County including Wakulla Springs and other historical places of significance.  Overall this book is a wonderful mixture of the old, the new, and the hopes for the future of Wakulla County and the people.