The Heretic of Granada


Father Antonio wasn’t the first priest to take up with a beautiful Indian girl on a secluded island near Granada, Nicaragua. He wasn’t the first priest to have a library of banned books either. But it’s too much for the Church when he tries to protect an Indian holy site from zealots who want to destroy it.

He escapes on the day he is to be burned for heresy and is chased across the Spanish Main by agents of the Inquisition, English pirates, and bounty hunters. He’s determined to return to Nicaragua and destroy the evil men who murdered his Indian wife and children, and nothing is going to stop him—not his pursuers, not hurricanes or sea battles or a Gypsy ghost. Not natives with flaming arrows either, or a villainous pirate named Vampire Jack. 

Things get complicated when he saves an Irish beauty named Molly from the pirates. Molly has secrets, like the Englishman who loves her and a chest of stolen gold. The pirates want her back, but Father Antonio isn’t about to give her up. He’s in love…, and the chase continues.

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