Treachery At Stylex

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 Treachery At Stylex

A Novella By: Morton Erstling

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Doris accepts a position as Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Stylex Custom Hardware Company. With big goals in mind, she finds the job is challenging in more ways than just workload. Stylex is riddled with deception that runs rampant amongst management, while discrimination and the proverbial “glass ceiling” are frequently the cause of dissension between employees. She discovers very quickly that there are those who do not want her in her new position and begins to feel like her every move is being watched.


Doris begins making needed change with resistance from many angles. One of her co-workers, Robert Cleary, is particularly abrasive in his efforts to hinder her progress. Right from the start, sparks fly. Will Robert continue to rally with others eager to see Doris fail, or will he choose to be an ally against those protesting change within Stylex?


As Doris is leaving the office one evening, she is attacked and faced with, what can only end in, a fatal fight. She is surprised by an unsuspecting hero and confirmation that her fears weren’t unfounded. An embezzlement scheme is brought to light, simultaneously uncovering blackmail and rape within the Accounting Department, and culminating in the murder of a Stylex employee. How does a company prevail when faced with such overwhelming treachery?