Whatever Happened to Mildred

Sara McFerrin

A Curiosity Club Mystery


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They’re at it again… 

Members of the Southern Ladies’ Curiosity Club mostly reminisced and caught up on the latest gossip at their monthly meetings. That was until Jeb Trahauser started receiving mail, although he’d been dead for years.

The search is on for Jeb’s sister, Mildred, to find answers. However, the ladies discover that there is more than one Mildred―all of them in a heap o’ trouble. Add to the mix Yankees in town, Picasso paintings casting spells on expectant mothers, a new baby born into the Campbell clan, and last but not least, Margene’s dilemma. Should she go against her mother’s wishes and marry a man thirty years her senior?

Join Bessie, Cora, Margene, and Mabel in the search for Mildred that leads them from Nashville to Birmingham.



A Curiosity Club Cozy Mystery




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