Where Light Cannot Reach

 William Mark

Crusaders of the Lost Series

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Rachel Goodwin’s past remains unclear. The traumatic kidnapping of Rachel and Rhonda, her sister, some twenty years before is the source of her pain, motivation, and guilt. Rhonda remains missing. Eluding authorities for decades, there is a faceless monster responsible for the pain that haunts Rachel’s dreams.


With Detective Curt Walker absent, Rachel assumes the Crusaders leadership role. She draws upon her own experience to find missing children. As the team’s exploits take them close to Rachel’s childhood home, she forces herself to confront the visible scars left behind, but after coming across an odd yet distinctive landmark tied to her abduction, repressed memories come flooding back in vivid detail. As the haunting memories unfold, Rachel is left with questions leaving her desperate for answers. Following a trail that has been cold for twenty-three years, the team uses Rachel’s recollection to bring new life into the mystery.


Is the faceless monster still alive? Is he actively hunting prey? Will this pursuit of the past cost Rachel her own life, or that of another? With the help of the Crusaders, Rachel dives into her past, deep into the dark recesses of humanity, the place where light cannot reach.

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