William Earl Levy, Sr. "Dean of the Fire Service"

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William Earl Levy, Sr.

“Dean of the Fire Service”

Tallahassee Fire Chief & Family Man

by;  Maurice Majszak

Fire Chief William Earl Levy served the people of Florida for fifty years.  He spent 38 years as Fire Chief in Tallahassee. Levy was a forward thinker and worked hard to achieve his goals. His contributions to fire safety and urban society were many; among them being the specialized fire equipment fashioned by he and his men. His influence and ideas continue to be widely used in fire prevention and safety policies throughout the Southeast.

Maurice Majszak has documented the life of Earl Levy.  This text contains personal information garnered from the family, as well as stories told by his brother firefighters.  The reader will also gain a better understanding of Levy’s professional life and his importance to his field.  There are many documents and letters included for historic reference, in addition to multiple photographs. The author has portrayed a picture of William Earl Levy; the family man, the working man, and the “Dean of the Fire Service.”